Mt.Nabewari (鍋割山) and the Nabeyaki Udon

Mt.Nabewari (鍋割山), found in Kanagawa prefecture alongside Mt.Tanzawa and Mt.Oyama, boasts of the Nabeyaki Udon that can only be experienced at the mountain hut found in its summit at 1273 MASL. If you are both a mountain and food lover (like me!), then this should definitely be on your to-hike list.

Nabeyaki Udon

Nabeyaki Udon

From Okura bus stop in Hadano City, simply take the left route until it takes you to the foot of the mountain, which takes you to a leisurely hike on a well marked mixed paved and unpaved road before you start the main ascent to the summit. Around 2-hours into the hike, you will find stacked water bottles with a note from the mountain hut’s owner that requests that hikers bring a bottle to the summit. We each took one bottle hoping that we would get a discount for the udon! 😉

Nabewari Water

We reached the summit around noon where we were greeted by like-minded hikers who were all waiting in line for their own hot pot of glorious udon. The udon tasted really good especially after hiking all the way up. After we devoured our lunch, we continued with our journey to the neighboring Mt.To, locally called Tonodake. Click here for our Tanzawa range traverse where we hiked Tonodake using a different route.  To get there, we walked 2 hours or so along a ridge that offered us great views of Hadano City and the rest of the Tanzawa mountain range. We arrived at the summit of of Mt.To at around 3PM where we topped up our water bottles and enjoyed the view of the setting sun behind Mt.Fuji – a perfect way to end a perfectly beautiful day.

Summit marker of Mt.Nabewari

Summit marker of Mt.Nabewari


From Yokohama, you can take the Sotetsu-line bound for Ebina and transfer to Odakyu bound for Shibusawa station (渋沢駅) . From the train station, there are several buses bound for Okura (大倉) bus stop that leave every 30-minutes or so. The descent from Mt.To back to Okura bus stop takes around 2-3 hours, so time your descent so as to avoid having to walk in the darkness. Also, the last bus from Okura bus stop to the station is around 8PM. Although the hike can be done all-year round, make sure to bring at least light 6-point crampons during winter. Finally, leeches usually infest the trail in the summer months, so it might be wise to bring a packet of salt in your pack.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate


  • Mt.Nabewari (鍋割山 1273MASL)
  • Mt.To (塔ノ岳 1491MASL)

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