Mt.Kan-irag via Ayala Heights

Mt.Kan-irag, also called Sirao Peak or Pedro Calungsod Peak, stands 720MASL in the highlands of Central Cebu. The peak ranks as one of the best night views of metropolitan Cebu as the surrounding scenery also showcases Mt.Pung-ol, Mt.Babag, and the venerable Balamban mountain range. The mountain is a popular destination for both day-hikes and camping excursions. Hikers can also take a dip on the waters of Budlaan falls if approaching the mountain from the east.

The peak can be visited in several ways and difficulties, ranging from easy to a bit of rock scrambling. This post will describe doing a night trek of the mountain from the south-west side starting at Ayala Heights. I will write a separate post for hiking this mountain from Barangay Budlaan some other time.

City Lights

City Lights

After buying last minute provisions in JY Square, take a motorcycle (habal-habal) for Ayala Heights. The ride costs about 70-100 (split if 2 people will ride) pesos depending on your negotiation skills. Tell the driver to drop you off at the police outpost. The peak is already very visible from this junction on a moon-lit night. With your headlamps on, continue 30 meters along the same road where you will see a muddy trail on the right side. Take this trail and proceed on the general direction of the summit. The trail then leads you to a thin and steep passage all the way to the summit of Mt.Kan-irag. Although a bit rocky, the camp site at the summit can hold up to 20-30 tents. The following day, you can either hike downhill to Budlaan or use the same trail going down to Ayala heights.

Mt.Kan-irag Sunrise

Mt.Kan-irag Sunrise


The Habal-habal usually costs around 70-100 pesos going up, and 50-70 pesos going down, so make use of your haggling skills for the best price! Alternatively, you can wait for a V-Hire bound for Ayala Mall which will only cost you 20 pesos. There is no water source found in the campsite, so make sure to bring enough water.

Difficulty: Easy (200m elevation change)


  • Mt.Kan-irag (720MASL)

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