Towering at 820MASL, Mt.Hambubuyog is the highest peak of the quiet town of Ginatilan, Cebu. The mountain is located in Baranggay Mangcao, Sitio Hambubuyog on the mountainous regions of Ginatilan. The base of the mountain is surrounded by tropical trees and farmlands, while the peak is composed of a mixture of grassy hills and rocky slopes. From the summit of Mt.Hambubuyog, the neighbouring island of Negros and it’s mighty Mt.Talinis can be seen, separated from Cebu by the Tañon straight.

Day 1

The Crew

The Crew

Ginatilan Town Hall

Ginatilan Town Hall

Last May 30, together with the lovely family of Hey Miss Adventures! and several of our friends, we hopped on to one of the south-bound Ceres buses passing through Ginatilan for Php120. The bus ride took around 4 hours so we had much time to take a well needed rest in preparation for the long day ahead of us. At 10:30 we arrived at Ginatilan where we had lunch and bought last minute provisions for the hike. For Php25 per person, we then rode motorcycles which brought us to the entrance of Inambakan Falls. Please note that there is an entrance fee of Php10 per person.

Inambakan Falls

Inambakan Falls

After taking the mandatory selfies and groufies (is that a word?) at the waterfalls, we then started hiking at around 13:30. The sun was blazing hot and the air was too humid for comfort. Although the initial junction of the trail was covered with trees, the rest of the hike was very open and exposed to the sun. Water was very scarce as water sources found on the trail all dried up because of the ongoing El Niño. We continued hiking, with frequent water breaks, on an open anapog trail until we reached a large mango tree at the foot of Mt.Hambubuyog at around 16:00.

Water Break

Water Break

First Leg of the Trail to Mt.Hambubuyog

Trail to Mt.Hambubuyog

Large Mango Tree

Large mango tree

After the mango tree, the trail got a little bit more challenging as sun exposure, as well as the loose rocky soil of the slope, increased the difficulty level of the trail. Luckily for us, the sun was a bit more forgiving as it was starting to set while we struggled to climb up the slippery slope. We also got a chance to meet another group of hikers who were kind enough to lead us the way to the summit as it was starting to get dark. After scrambling up the slopes, we were greeted by knifey ridge that lead us to the small hills on top of the mountain. It was basically homestretch after we got past the ridge where the trails have become very mild and easy leading to the summit of Mt.Hambubuyog and the Divine Mercy chapel.

Mt.Hambubuyog as seen from the West

Mt.Hambubuyog as seen from the West



It was around 21:00 when we all arrived at the campsite. It was a bit disappointing to see the campsite littered with so much rubbish. I hope someone from the LGU will be notified regarding cleanliness of the area and measures will be done to tidy up the place. We hurriedly cooked dinner, a bit of socials with the Philippines’ National Drink: Emperador Light, then went to bed around midnight.

Day 2

Divine Mercy Chapel at the summit of Mt.Hambubuyog

Divine Mercy Chapel at the summit of Mt.Hambubuyog

Early the next day, after having some coffee and breaking camp, we went to the nearby sari-sari store 30-minutes along the road for some refreshments. After having our share of soda pops, we called the motorcycle drivers who brought us to Inambakan falls to pick us up and bring us to Samboan’s Aguinid Falls for Php50.


Make sure to prepare necessary gear for hiking under the sun (brim hats, arm protectors, UV proof gear, sunblock etc.). There are two trails leading to the summit. One trail makes use of a direct route to the foot of the mountain (trail described above), while another one takes a detour and uses a road that leads directly to the Divine Mercy chapel. Ask your local guide about the said routes for more information.

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: 5/30/2015
0600 Meetup southbus terminal
0600 Travel to Ginatilan
1030 Swimming and lunch at Inambakan
1300 Hike to Hambubuyog campsite
1800 Dinner, socials

Day 2: 5/31/2015
0500 Sunrise, photo-ops
0600 Breakfast, breakcamp
1000 Aguinid Falls
1200 Lunch
1300 Home

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (Around 700m elevation change from Inambakan Falls, open trail)


  • Mt.Hambubuyog (820MASL)

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