Mt.Babag via Napo to RCPI

If you are in Metro Cebu, it’s impossible to miss the mighty Mt.Babag mountain range. It is aptly named Babag after the Cebuano term for block or obstruct as it divides Cebu City from the rest of Central Cebu. The mountain range boasts of several mini waterfalls and streams that bring water to mountain farms and villages scattered around the mountain range, stretching all the way down to Talisay City in the south. This post briefly describes hiking the range from Guadalupe church and exiting in Cebu Central highway. This particular route is very popular among local hiking groups as preparation for tougher hikes in and out of Cebu.

Ridge view

Ridge view

The initial junction of the trail simply follows the Sapangdaku river until reaching a small stream crossing that divides the trail into two. Whichever trail you choose will lead you to the Roble’s residence; a perfect checkpoint/resting spot for hikers and trail-runners. This mountain hut also serves fresh buko for an added bonus! From the mountain hut, the trail continues uphill until another water source before the final ascent leading to the ridge. Upon reaching the ridge, you will be greeted by a panoramic view of Metro Cebu on the east, and Central Cebu Protected Landscape on the West. From here, it’s a straightforward hike towards Mountain View Nature park by following the paved road. For a more detailed description of the trail, visit this post.

Napo Trail

Napo Trail

Personally, I have used this trail countless of times and it never fails to give me happy vibes after each hike. It’s perfect for both short day hikes, or longer hikes and camping at Chalet Peak.



RCPI Tower

RCPI Towers


On the average, the hike from Napo to RCPI tower takes less than 4 hours excluding breaks and stopovers. Campers usually start early afternoon and reach Chalet Peak at around 18:00. Day hikes are usually done in the early morning so as to finish the hike before noon. The typical meet-up point for this hike is at the Guadalupe Church parking lot. Just outside the church grounds, there are motorcycles-for-rent (habal-habal) that will take you to Napo where the trail starts. This ride will cost you Php15/person. At the exit point, you can hail another motorcycle for JY Square for Php30/person.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (steep inclines, slippery trails)


  • Mt.Babag (750MASL)

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